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«It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.».

Sir. Charles Darwin (1809-1882)

Optimising the present. constructing the future

Who we are


LTP Asociados offers strategic and innovative solutions in IT consulting,  recruiting and in  talent based outsourcing (TBO). We have the most suitable experts available, with whom our customers can make a difference in this new era of enterprise talent search

Our values


Knowledge: Our culture to optimize the present and to build the future is represented by a process where the acquired know how, the abilities transferred by the expert to the customer and the acquired resources are shared. Our culture is to build long term links between the customer and the candidates, following an approach that is compatible both with the present, as with the long term business plan.


Innovation: We are a young team, willing to investigate and develop the latest and most avant-garde techniques on the market, discovering new and better ways to develop expertise in order to cope with ever changing labor markets. We take care of improving the productivity of your corporate structure by means of an assortment of solutions, reaching high standards on the level of professional services.


Optimization of resources: This is the key value of our organization, and we are  aware  that  this is the basis for our customers to become outstanding in their businesses. We are a flexible team, capable of adapting our processes with the aim to achieve a high satisfaction of our customers, based on the returns of efficient, effective services and with immediate results.


The Individuals and the community: We respect, trust and guide individuals towards the concretion of personal goals. We also appeal to a retrofeedback relationship among candidates, customers, employees and strategic partners, with the aim to reach both personal and common goals, contributing to the management of enterprise responsibility policies that contribute to reaching better standards of living in the socio-economic environment where our customers develop their activities.

Partners & Associations

They trust us:




· Beecker Consulting
Beecker Consulting “boutique” Business Transformation company in Latin America specialized in IT projects for Banks and Insurance companies

· Jobing
Jobing is regional player in consulting and implementation  of telework.

• BCI Consulting
BCI Consulting serves customers in 10 countries with SAP solutions to make business processes more agile, digital and competitive.


We are members of UNAJE (Argentina Association of Young Entrepreneurs)

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